Verapulse Laser for Facial Veins and Brown Spots

This laser provides different wavelengths to specifically remove blood vessels on the face or chest or lentigo (age spots).  A specific wavelength or setting is chosen for your particular concern.

Tiny blood vessels or telengietasias can be erased from the face.  Depending on the severity and number of blood vessels and location, some patients may need multiple treatments.

The area treated is pink or red  for one two days after the treatment.  Very rarely a patient will have significant  swelling which may last several days.

For treatment of lentigo or sunspots, these are treated with a different wavelength.  The healing time on these is closer to week and consists at first of a purplish color like a bruise and then fades to a light pink over the next week.   This is an extremely effective method to remove sun spots from the face, hands, chest and occasionally the legs ( which can be more difficult to treat.)


versapulse for dark spots

versapulse for facial veins (3)

versapulse for facial veins

versapulse for facial veins