At Gaughf Dermatology, we offer a variety of services and products for facial rejuvenation.  Dr. Gaughf offers a comprehensive analysis of the face and recommends treatments taking into account the patients concerns.  We are glad that you have put your trust in us to assist with helping you have a more youthful appearance.  Our providers and highly skilled staff can guide you to a regimen that will suit your needs and your budget.  Dr. Gaughf offers Botox for relaxing lines of facial expression as well as facial fillers for smoothing facial folds, wrinkles and volumizing the cheeks.  At Gaughf Dermatology, we offer multiple laser treatments including removal of dark spots and blood vessels, skin resurfacing, hair removal, and Intense Pulse Light to improve skin discoloration.    

Our certified esthetician, Debbie Bassett, can offer a comprehensive recommendation for healthy skin including skin care products, chemical peels, facials, microneedling and other services.  We pride ourselves on being a medical spa, where the provider, either Dr. Gaughf or the physician assistant is actually on site to supervise and offer further suggestions to the esthetician should the need arise.    

Deborah Bassett

Deborah Bassett, our licensed aesthetician, has been with our practice since 2010.  Prior to relocating to Savannah in 2009, Debbie spent over 30 years in the Cosmetic and Skin Care industry working for Coty Beauty.  She is educated on medical skincare and works closely with Dr. Gaughf to provide clients with the best skincare products and practices suited to each client’s needs.