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Common myths about acne.

Myths about acne: “You are not washing enough. If you just washed your face more then you wouldn’t have this acne.” While washing your face twice a day can improve acne by removing bacteria, not washing the face is not the sole cause of the acne. Washing may improve mild acne, but even washing the […]


Tanning Bed Risks

We all know that tanning beds are bad for us, but here is how bad. From JAMA dermatology, women under 50 who regularly tanned indoors were at a two to six fold increased risk for developing melanoma. It is concerning that such a large portion of young women follow the tanning trend and began as […]

Preventing Traction Alopecia

Did you know that certain hairstyles can make you prone to hair loss. This type of hair loss caused by frequent intense pulling or pressure on the hair follicles is caused traction alopecia. To avoid traction alopecia patients should be advised against braiding of their hair frequently. For braids the tightness of the braid and […]


Do you blush easily? Or always have red cheeks? Or have pimples or broken blood vessels on the face?  Then you may suffer from rosacea.  These are some of the symptoms of rosacea as well as flushing or hot skin, oily skin, skin that is easily sore and irritated, bloodshot,  dry or gritty eyes.   […]


Are you or someone you love affected by psoriasis?

Most everyone knows someone with psoriasis.  Thousands of people are affected.     This skin condition creates red, scaly plaques on a person body.    It is important to know psoriasis is NOT contagious and most people with psoriasis are self-conscious about their condition.  It can affect what people wear and whether they go certain […]


Don’t let the word “Botox” scare you.

Don’t let the word “Botox” scare you.    It is one of the most extensively studied medical aesthetic products in the world and is approved for use in 78 countries.  It can erase or soften lines on the forehead frown lines or around the eyes. Also Botox is safely used for many other medical conditions […]